Monday, August 3, 2009

Ovi Maps 3.0 - Another look

Ovi Maps in "Navigation Mode"

With the new view, Just been playing with the Ovi Maps. One cool feature is that as you travel along the road, the map view can be configured to always give you a forward-looking view so that when you turn left, the map pivots around to allow you to see what roads are "ahead" rather than leaving those who have little spatial skills from craning their neck to see which way to turn into the street that they desire.

Navigation is still not free on Ovi Maps 3.0 but the improvements on the software are sure worth the download. Remember you will need to install the Nokia Maps Updater, then load a new map using Nokia Maps Uploader.. these are programs separate from the Nokia PC suite.


  1. Right I updated to Firmware 2 and then loaded on OVI 3 maps.
    When I click on OVI maps without GPS attached it flickers rapidly?????
    I basically end up existing.
    I have map updater loaded on my PC.

    Can you please explain the procedure to get it to work?
    Is it free to view/work via GPS dongle?

  2. i've got the exactly same problem. would apprecciate some advice, too.
    It flickers on the question if i wanna use a bluetooth device so rapidly it's impossible to answer.

  3. Disable "Bluetooth GPS" in Positioning Methods in device options and then it won't query for the gps and won't flicker anymore.. i've spent some time to figure this out..


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