Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting DVDs onto E63 - reader post

I've started testing out movies on the E63. I'm hoping this will save me lugging my laptop around to watch battlestar galactica DVD's on the train (no spoilers please, I haven't finished season 4 yet!). I've used a DVD ripper program to transfer an episode to my PC and Nokia PC Suite to transfer it to the E63. However before PC Suite copies it to the E63 it converts it to a certain MP4 format. I was wondering if you knew what format the E63 uses? Because once we nail this down, I can use the DVD ripper to put the file in this format from the start.
Once we've figured out a bit more of this, we can put together a guide for DVD/movie --> E63.
- Peter


  1. The settings used by the Nokia Multimedia transfer appear to be as follows:

    Mpeg 4
    Audio: AAC-LC, 96kbps, Stereo, 44.1k

    I've only tried it with ScamSchool... this resulted in filesizes twice what the originals where, so I wonder if the data rates could be trimmed a bit.

  2. Thanks for that Matthew.

    The software I'm trying out is called WinX DVD Ripper. It's the only one I'm found so far that is both free and doesn't have a watermark. And I looked for a LONG time to find this.

    I'll try it with those settings and let you all know how it goes.

  3. Would be curious to know if anyone has tried 'Super' ?


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