Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shortcut keys for Ovi Nokia Maps

At MyE63, we love shortcuts.. so here are some shortcuts for those using Nokia Maps.

Shortcut keys for Nokia maps

General shortcuts

  • To return to your current position, press 0.
  • To change the map type, press 1.
  • To tilt the map in the 3D view, press 2 and 8.
  • To rotate the map, press 4 and 6.
  • To rotate the map so that North is at the top, press 5.

Walking navigation shortcuts

  • To save a place, press 2.
  • To search for places, press 3.
  • To adjust the volume of the guidance tone, press 6.
  • To see the list of route points, press 7.
  • To switch between night and day display settings, press 8.
  • To show the dashboard, press 9.

Driving navigation shortcuts

  • To repeat the most recent voice guidance, press 2.
  • To switch between night and day display settings, press 3.
  • To save the current place, press 4.
  • To find a different route, press 5.
  • To adjust the volume of voice guidance, press 6.
  • To add a stopover to the route, press 7.
  • To see traffic information, press 8.
  • To check route information, press 9.


  1. I want to type UNDERSCORE....but can't do it on Nokia E 63 quarty keypad....any one to guide me?

  2. Can I have each key description for Nokia e 63 phone?

  3. In NOKIA E63 GPS data & map nevigation require purchage of licence key on line. Is this key free available any where or a crack of this. If yes please told me.


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