Monday, August 3, 2009

Nokia E75 - first impressions from a Nokia E63 User

I've just received the Nokia E75 to trial and make comments so here are some initial thoughts, more to come hopefully.

Firstly, the phone looks very sturdy with a strong, solid build. Compared to the Nokia E63, the E63 has a much better keypad and gives more feedback when pressed compared to the E75. It's operating system is similar to the E71 with an in-built GPS and if you press-and-hold the main button, you can see the clock at night slightly illuminated. The QWERTY keyboard slides out to give fatter fingers more opportunity to text. You still can't type an essay on the phone without getting RSI but if QWERTY is your thing, E75 is your friend. There is an an accelerometer installed in the phone but I don't believe it is fully utilised by the phone's programs - perhaps some apps from Ovi Store could utilise the accelerometer a little more. The accelerometer basically allows the screen to rotate to be always right side up when texting with the keyboard or the keypad.

The 3.5mm stereo plug allows normal headphones to be used which is one advantage over the E71. The phone battery did not seem to be as bad as many people have reported. Images do come out quite well on the 3.2mp camera. The photo below was taken with the Nokia E75 using the flash and artificial fluroescent lighting.

Otherwise, there is not much that differentiates the E75 from the Nokia E63. Many would be happy with either phone but for me personally, the Nokia E63 still has its peculiar strengths such as being lighter, the widescreen but the E75 retention of the T9 keypad is quite an advantage for those who have ever tried to text using a QWERTY keypad with one hand.

There IS a GPS! One thing was that the GPS may struggle to get a lock. I turned off A-GPS and network assisted GPS and the satellites finally found my phone, only after I walked outside to get a lock-on. In fact some keen readers may have noticed that I claimed earlier that the E75 does not have a GPS because it was "searching for GPS device" when I was using Nokia Ovi Maps which led me to believe erroneously that there was no GPS. But its there and a lot of fun to use with the Ovi Maps.

So have you tried the E75? what are your thoughts?


  1. Hi I'm an E63 user, I was hoping to buy another phone, but I can't choose between the Nokia E75 and the Nokia 5730, hope you can help me.

  2. hi im bought nokia E63 from australia to Tonga...i put mah local simcard is not working...its only appeared SIM card not valid...can anyone help me with that please?...IMEI-353397041529036...TYPE:RM-437...MODEL: E63-1...CODE 0583813..FCC ID:PYARM-437...IC:661V-RM437...WLAN:80501BF43113...please send me your help to..."".THANKS

  3. Nokia E75 is king of all eseries,
    its awsm and smart,
    easy to use,
    beautiful and attrctiv,
    its has gps try to use google maps..


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