Monday, August 10, 2009

Personal Organising with a Nokia E63

Peter, one of our readers has recently been keeping an eye out for personal organising software which would help organise his schedules. He mentioned in an email that the standard calendar/to do note system is OK but lacks a lot of features he wants (at the very least, categories for tasks). Here are a few other project management/organising software titles he's looked at:

NOKIA CALENDAR (the included one)
PROJECKT (someone on your blog mentioned this)
TO DO for Symbian (no trial)

"So far Papyrus, is looking like the best. It's quite powerful."

I personally haven't looked into many of these programs but would like to find out more about some of these programs as well. If you have had any first hand experience, please let us know.


  1. It was probably me that mentions Projekt. It's not a PIM, it's an outlining program. I used it to manage my todo list, which is a kind of modified GTD system (google for GTD,you'll see lots of references to this).

    It's not a PIM in the sense that you can organize appointments and such. I use the built in calander for that (even though it's very annoying, I can't really justify shelling out for a 3rd party replacement).

    But for all my other tasks which are not specifically time-bound, they all go into Project, filed under context, where I can get to them one at a time whenever I have a spare moment.

  2. can you make a new thread about projekt...its still obvious for me thanks..
    rendy andy


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