Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to get things done efficiently with Nokia Calendar

Our sister blog MyE65 has recently been unleashing the hidden potential of the Nokia PC Suite Calendar application which seems to have made organising life much easier. Some of the highlights of the Nokia Calendar include:
  • Views - You can view the calendar in a monthly screen, weekly screen or a day overview screen. Just like Google Calendar, they also have an Agenda view (called List view in Nokia Calendar) which allows you to see all your appointments line by line. This is especially useful to
  • Duration Selection - If the appointment that you are adding runs for for a certain length, you can select the timeslots that the appointment will take up and press enter to add details of the meeting. eg In the 7 day view, select 4 timeslots in a row to create a meeting 2 hours long.
  • Double-click to edit - To add or edit any entries, just double click the date or timeslot and the details screen will pop up for a new appointment.
If you want to read more, the post is here

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  1. Duration Selection - Do you select the appointment duration first? How do you do this? By pressing centre button, it just opens up the selection for meeting, memo, anniversary or to do, and using up and down just moves the selected timeslot up and down, but does not extend it. Do I have to press something first, then move down to stretch the selected timeslot?


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