Monday, January 4, 2010

Solution to the E72 space bar problem

I mentioned in an earlier post about the problem with the space bar on the Nokia E72.
  • When looking through the contacts list, you can use the space bar. 
  • When typing SMS, you can use the space bar
  • When you are typing a name in the "stand by" screen, you can not use the space bar.
Then it occurred to me, when  you are in the stand by screen, the phone presumes that you want to be in NUMBERS and SYMBOLS mode, not in ALPHA mode. So I figured out that one solution is just to press the function key which is  the bottom left key on the phone before pressing the space bar, which will "activate" ALPHA" mode and you will get your "space". I know it would be ideal that this was the default but you will need to wait for the first E72 firmware update before this may be possible. 

Also if you were thinking that the torch function on the Nokia E72 does not work, try a little patience and hold down the space bar on the status screen a little longer. There, see it does work :) I fell for this too. The torch feature cannot be activated whilst operating any program and opening any program will turn your flashlight off. Hope you found this useful, leave a comment if you are a E72 user and I've made your day :)

E72 Space bar causing more ? and !


  1. Tip on the space bar problem is really useful.

    Also the torch works even if the phone is locked.

  2. space bar problem not solved


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