Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nokia E71 now only on Three $29 cap

For those of you who have a Nokia E63 and are wanting to upgrade to the Nokia E71, Three is currently offering the E71 for free on their $29 cap. You can also get the first three months free and if you want to know how to get an extra $54 cashback, contact me. If you are already a three customer, they will offer you $10 credit back for the first 12 months which works out to be $120 off your plan.

The main differences between the E71 and the Nokia E63
  • better camera
  • turn-to-silent mode for ignoring calls, snoozing alarms
  • thinner and slightly lighter
  • GPS included
  • faster
  • no torch
For more details on the Nokia E71, search our website for various reviews.

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