Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How could US$199 be spent to better your local community? - E72 Responsiveness Challenge

As you know, we received a big perspex box with the new Nokia E72 inside. The phrase "how you respond is who you are" is the basis for Nokia's Responsiveness Challenge. My fellow bloggers and I were given the question, what would you do with US$199 to better your community? 

For me, coming from a prosperous nation such as Australia, US$199 is slowly buying less and less. However, Australia has a growing problem.. weight. One idea for a community project with $199 would be to buy 20 basketball chain nets and install them on neighbourhood basketball courts. I can imagine the excitement many young ballers would have on their faces when they discover their local ring now has a chain net. Maybe I would stick a "Nokia Responsiveness" sticker on the backboard if the money came from Nokia :)

Many of you come from various parts of the world and so I thought it would be good for you to give a little back to the internet community by responding to this challenge.. how would YOU use US$199 to better your local community? If you are able to film a response, leave a link to your video on YouTube in the comments below. Here's a video that a few of us put together for Nokia. How will you respond?

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