Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Install new 022.007 firmware for Nokia E72 without losing data

The phone I was checking out the Nokia E72 firmware using *#0000# when I realised that instead of just showing the firmware version and phone model, the option button was also available (using the left selection key). On the Nokia E63, the left selection key only allows you to select OK and you were soon returned to the standby screen. 

Downloading new firmware 
Opening up the OPTIONS menu, I selected "Check for updates" and the phone connected to the internet to find a 5.8mb file to download a new firmware update. After downloading the firmware, there was the option to install the firmware, or have the phone remind me in an hour, four hours, one day, or a week to install the firmware. 

Backing up
 I went to the PC Suite and realised I don't have my cable with me. Will a backup work over Bluetooth? It worked, so I backed up the phone and went back into the firmware menu using *#0000# in the standby screen. 

Running the firmware
Sure enough, as I selected "Install" the phone went into auto-pilot and within five minutes, the firmware was installed.

Firmware update does NOT need back up?
I was surprised to discover that my phone book, sms, customised phone settings, applications were not affected by this firmware update. I cannot say the same about other Nokia phones, especially with the Nokia E63 which you WILL LOSE data if you do not back it up before you update firmware. So there's another plus for the Nokia E72.

What's changed in 022.007?
Nothing that I can see..anyone want to help with this? 

Here's an unofficial changelog for the new firmware 022.007 for E72 based on you responses: 

- Contacts key can now be held down to create new contact
- More responsive E72
- New background themes
- Faster processing


  1. does it fix the broken Wifi issues using WEP or WPA1/2?

  2. How did you get the updated firmware? I'm in Australia and need the update to fix the space bar bug but it shows no update available. Currently stuck with 021.024 software.

  3. a new firmware 410.21.010 is now available for download but when I try to upgrade through ovi or software updater it show me latest version my my e-63 is 200.21.012. how can I update new firmware for my device?

  4. Hi Hiren

    410.21.010 is only for the Nokia E71 not the E63

  5. its says its for e63 thats stupid i wanna update my e63 :(


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