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Problems Users have found with the Nokia E72

Looking at some forums around on the internet, there have been some problems experienced by Nokia E72 users who have called for an immediate firmware upgrade to fix certain issues. One user listed the following "problems" that they have found using their Nokia E72.  I've added some comments in italics

  • It does not auto recognise capital alphabet like E71. If he was talking about the first letter in an sms, it does capitalise it. Also capitalises after a full stop. 
  • When u type fast it skips some alphabet. Maybe I'm not as fast but I found it kept up to speed. This could be a problem when you have too many programs running at the same time. I found this with the Nokia E63 when I have the Google application on, the phone misses letters that I am typing.
  • When u insert a Image in a word sheet it doesnt recognise. Yeah same problem I had with QuickOffice. 
  • Whenever u restart ur phone most of the times u lose your email setting. Not that I found. 
  • Web browsing is slower than E71. Seems to be ok 
  • You cannot underline or use bold or italic through shortcuts in word like Ctrl U, B, I like E71. Yeah, ctrl+v and ctrl+c for cut and pasting works but not ctrl+b. Strange huh? 
  • This phones hangs now and then like a windows based. No hang experienced. 
  • Contacts shortkey does allow u to add new contact after long hold. Yeah seems like this option is not available for customising the one-touch key (Solved by firmware update 022.007)
  • Basic Barcode reader is missing. Couldn't find it, guess that was his point..
  • Web Feeds in missing in he bookmark list, u need to go to setting and find it. Never used it before anyway
  • Mailbox clock switches the date at 12 noon. So u get the mail dated to next date. Don't think this happens to me.
  • Memory card in setting is missing which was usefull in E71, like format etc.
  • Nokia has saved it time by not making new O.S. Has used N-Series user interface which does match with the E-Series User Interface.
  • Optical Key not at all useful. Agreed.
  • The System is so slow that even setting come very slow, and if u try to select things fast then it leaves you back to the home screen including surfing mails. I found email checking very slow but everything else seems faster.
  • Battery Backup is only about 1 and half days, and more worse is that u cannot trust this phone as day 1 it shows full battery, and second day you wont even come to know when it comes from full to drain. Not my experience.
  • Even if Wi-Fi server is not found it still says Hidden Wi-Fi found.
  • In Opera 10 Browser u cannot use 'U' it only uses *. Haven't installed Opera
  • Even space bar key hangs now and then and to use it we need to restart the phone.
  • Ctrl + Shift does not activate/deactivate Prediction like E71 does.
  • Space bar does not work in searching for contacts (eg on the home screen, type "Adam m" it will appear as "Adam%". Not quite sure why this happens but seems to be a common spacebar problem for E72. (Try this workaround that I came across)
IF you have a Nokia E72 and you came to this page because you experienced the same problem, maybe leave a comment and tell us also where you are from. Got a solution to any of these or more problems? Add them to the comments and come back for possible answers.


  1. Agree with most of your findings. Had my E72 "freeze" once like a winmo phone over the month I've had it. The only other problem I experienced was I could not set up the chat client. It would download something then state "No services available". I tried it today and it worked. Don't know if Nokia USA did something or what.

  2. You can format memory card from filebrowser after you have opened the memory card.

    You can change input options (e.g. prediction) by pressing Ctrl + Sym.

  3. i brought a brand E63 today, i opened it charged it and the full-stop button isnt working...

  4. The <a href="'>Nokia E63</a> is Nokia's First BlackBerry-beater. It has full support for push email, attachment editing and web browsing. Has a superb QWERTY keyboard, WLAN and 3G support. Business user's full needs are accomplished by this phone. It has a camera, video calling, and media player. It,s missing HSDPA and GPS, but these are really its only faults.

  5. The earpiece on the E63 looks better than the one on the E71. Sound quality is identical to the E71. There are no hisses/disturbances. The loudness is the same through the earpiece but through the loudspeaker; the volume is a bit lower compared to the E71. There is a feature in which, if you type a certain number/letter, the phone searches in the call records and phonebook and gives you an easier way to call since you don’t have to dial the entire number or enter the contacts.
    Nokia E63 Review

  6. A point re: auto correct and capitalisation of text. When writing on the E63 there are significant advantages and advanced features in comparison to the E72. I write this as an E63 user coming to the E72 and being agape at the oversight.

    1) try writing annoyingly: on the E63 you enter a n n o then you press right navigation to accept the word annoying l y can now be added and you can press space. Should you do this on the E72 pressing right navigation accepts the word and then ly is added to your custom dictionary as a word.


    2) I is not capitalised in the sentence when it stands along. John and i went to the shops.

    BWAA fail (on two counts). i should be I and now "shops." appears as a new word in your custom dictionary. The E72 just loves to add words into your custom dictionary (such as anything you write with a . or a , after it ... what a joke)

    Why did they mung up predictive text on the E72 when a perfectly good system existed on the E63?

    IMAP idle ... well written about just google it. The bloody thing disconnects every 5 minutes. Meaning that you can't leave your phone on to reliably be notified as you can on the E63. Pathetic. The equally pathetic responce from Nokia does not hold water. Their arguments revolve around:
    1) power use
    2) data use

    Power use: I have personally verified that more power is NOT consumed (as Nokia claim) both in practice and with the support of some evidence (here )

    Data use is NOT affected in this because 1) Nokia has a connection manager which keeps the connection open (unlike Android or iPhone). This means for those billed in MB or 100MB increments (as many phone providers do) you are not billed for a MB every 5 minutes (as you would with timed POP and reconnecting your IMAP by schedule) but are instead billed over how much data your phone uses DURING THE CONNECTION. My phone typically uses about 30K for leaving the phone connected to my 2 mail accounts on 3G (or even GPRS) on IMAP idle for about 3 hours.

    So, now I have an E72 in perfect condition for sale (and an E63 that I keep using

  7. cannot change the background.
    cannot change the theme.
    text lag.
    phone lag.
    phone restarts at random.
    software bugs.

  8. my e63 is totaly hanged i dont know why can any one help me it is working very slow i have formated many times :/

  9. my Nokia E72 recently started showing a mesege that says memory full, delete or move some data from C: phone memory but all my downloads and media are saved on the memory card, when i conect my USB it shows empty folders on my laptop


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