Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our thoughts on the Nokia N900

Some of our readers may have missed the review that we did over twitter at the end of May so here are our observations about the Nokia N900 as they appeared on twitter.

#n900 camera a little disappointing, 5mp but none the clearer.. maybe Nokia should look at improving their in built lensTue May 25 2010 11:18:53 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

@MeeGoDevelopers yeah i agree.. i was trying to see if resizing the contacts was possible but doesn't seem like #n900 allows that yet..Tue May 25 2010 11:17:48 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web in reply to MeeGoDevelopers

twitter with n900 appears as u would c it on the computer like many other websites do. no wonder @womworldnokia ppl call it a mini computerMon May 24 2010 20:09:12 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

nokia maps does have directions for n900 but no voice guidance.. yet. successfully watched the red dot moving around perth just now.Mon May 24 2010 19:02:47 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Google Talk can be used on the #Nokia #N900, does that mean you can call people for free?Mon May 24 2010 15:49:36 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Adding contacts to the HOME screen on the N900 is awesome, each contact's profile pic can also be repositioned wherever on the screen u wantMon May 24 2010 11:42:22 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

@n900 compatibility with PC suite a lil disappointing, no notification of incoming calls, incoming msg or battery level. Cant compose smsMon May 24 2010 11:16:06 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

#n900 In dialing mode, you can also go to the contacts list, with helpful "shortcuts" on the side such as A-C, D-F to reduce scrollingMon May 24 2010 11:00:51 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Rotating the phone activates the dialing mode.. where u can see a log of all missed, dialed and received callsMon May 24 2010 10:59:09 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Continuing observations on #N900. Scrolling through a website on the Nokia #n900 is smooth and intuitive.. Four alternative HOME screensMon May 24 2010 09:52:44 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Three Australia has Nokia E72 on the $29 cap finally! tweet me if u want to know how to redeem some cashback offers as well.Fri May 21 2010 16:48:33 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

Like to hear from others, if u own a nokia n900 what do u love about it?Fri May 21 2010 16:44:14 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

@yatingupta Run PC Suite on your computer and click on backupFri May 21 2010 15:41:58 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web in reply to yatingupta

Backed up my E63. Total time 11 min 35 seconds.Fri May 21 2010 15:23:52 (W. Australia Standard Time) via web

geotagging photos on the n900 is a great addition to the suite of features..Fri May 21 2010 12:35:47 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Holding down the finger acts like right clickingFri May 21 2010 01:12:48 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Oh amazing... Try spinning your finger on the n900 in clockwise direction and it slowly zooms in on that spot.. Keep spinning then reverse..Fri May 21 2010 01:12:02 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Fantastic, google maps doesnt like #n900 maemo either.. So no ovi or google maps or directions.. Youtube anyonee?Fri May 21 2010 00:11:21 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

N900 Doesn't seem to be working with iiNet's freezone.. But youtube videos working very wellFri May 21 2010 00:07:00 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

@womworldnokia how far away is the #n900 free voice nav or updated ovi maps? Just wonderingFri May 21 2010 00:01:52 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Finding operating @n900 with one hand is nigh impossible. Sometimes pining for portrait view :) apps on ovi for #maemounderwhelmingThu May 20 2010 23:56:49 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

N900 users must feel ripped off with no free voice navigation available from nokia yet.. dislike keyboard, again e72 much better in thisThu May 20 2010 23:54:41 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Exploring #n900 Good idea holding down msg gives u option to delete. Holding down webpage gives open new window option.Thu May 20 2010 23:49:56 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

havent worked out how to add nokia maps offline to n900. Pc suite not working well with it either.. Bluetooth keeps falling asleep.Thu May 20 2010 18:31:27 (W. Australia Standard Time) via Tweets60

Havent figured out how to hack the #n900 but if anyone out there knows, lets see what is possible.. Whats ur fave hack?6:29 PM May 20th via Tweets60

Liking the nokia #n900 touch screen, double tap to zoom and good on screen keyboard as well. Phone is a bit fat though..6:22 PM May 20th via Tweets60

N900 trial begins.. Will be tweeting what wows and disappoints5:15 PM May 20th via Tweets60

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  1. I have the N900 and the battery life is the aspect that is most annoying. I thought it would improve after the last update in software but it did not. I have done most everything possible to lengthen battery life. I have 2G-3G switcher and GSM seems to be better, turned off the WI FI, turned off the bluetooth, set the screen brightness to 2 bars from 5 bars, deleted apps that will drain batteries like Facebook notifications, etc...

    I also noticed the lag on N900 and I realized that CONVERSATIONS app seemed to be the culprit. Conversations keeps all the text messages, all the chats I do on gmail chat, Facebook chat etc. I get text message notification from Facebook too and so that was piling up on CONVERSATIONS. So I had to delete each conversation.

    I do like it that I can chat with Facebook friends using Nokia Conversations app on N900. on the E63 I had to use someone else app to do that and that was limited to the first 400 friends...

    Odd that Conversations is not linked with Yahoo Messenger chat, since Nokia and Yahoo seemed to be together and made a deal to support one another.


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