Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nokia E63 users range from professional to teenybopper

Over the year that this blog has been up, its been really interesting to realise that the Nokia E63 is one of the most popular devices, appealing to such a range of users with its affordability, features, functionality and well sometimes its simply because it looks "pretty". What was your reason and what kind of user do you consider yourself to be? Introduce yourself and tell us what you do, where you're from and why E63?


  1. Seattle, WA: Am an office- and phone-something by trade, happy philomath/polyglot and bibliophile by nature.

    I LOVE that I can play games, read books *and* watch episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on my E63, as well as listen to both internet and regular radio, and mp3s. And the Wi-Fi is ever-so-helpful.

    Can't figure out what I did before it. :-)

    -- deb

  2. I would say I love the battery life. I do have both Nokia N900 the uber geek phone based on Linux Maemo 5 and the Nokia E63. The battery life on E 63 is far longer than the N900. I had to switch back to E63 when I was vacationing in the mountains of Central California Coast and the N900 became a brick receiving no signal from Tmobile. But with E63 it still continued to work. I liked that there were more apps for E63. N900 is far better with the 3.5G capability with Tmobile.

  3. well im 60 years old and i love modern things like new Phones i DON'T like putting fingers on screen to make them work lol. but saying that i do like the Nokia E63 i have try ed Blackberry,s they are a good phone but over priced the E63 was a better and cheaper alternative it dose every thing i want from Emailing WiFi Internet Surfing and Chatting to family and friends on Windows Live what more could a person want also don't for get the Games. the one disappointing thing was the lack of a front facing web cam for making video calls have have to turn the phone around so the camera faces you and the screen and keyboard face away so you cant see the person you are chatting with.

  4. hey my name is bhargav and i m from guwahti,assam,india..i have n nokia e63,can i update it to 3.5g,i update the firmware,dint works

  5. E63 is really nice phone and it has 3.5 audio jack so music sound is extremely good I like it.


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