Monday, February 22, 2010

Trial a Nokia E72 for Free!

Many of us E63 users may be looking in the future at a new phone and being E series lovers, I've found the Nokia E72 an amazing upgrade for the E63, but alas my trial of the phone is over. 

As some of you will know, we were part of the Nokia Responsiveness Challenge in December and we won! When I say we, I really do mean you too, because to celebrate the win, we have been given the opportunity to offer two readers like you the opportunity to trial and review (you do need to send it back!) the Nokia E72 and the free voice navigation that comes with the E72. Nokia will send the phone to you, free of cost to anywhere in the world and after a few weeks of playing with the phone, they will arrange collection of the phone. 
If you would like to be in the running, email with 
  • a review of the Nokia phone that you are currently using. 
  • your Name, location and current occupation as well as what you think of this blog.
We'll publish the winning posts as our 100th post! Only two more posts to go!
One thing we do ask of you is if you are a winner, do a video of the Nokia E72 voice navigation in operation around your city and we'll post it up :) How will YOU respond?

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