Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Nokia E72 Pros and Cons

I know many of you would like a quick, easy review on the E72 so here's a shorter version.

- 3.5mm headphones jack
- much faster processor
- 5.0 megapixel camera
- better keypad than E71 and E63
- OCR scanner (take photo of business cards to add to contacts)!
- customisable snooze length for alarm!
- voice search for music
- accelerometer included so you can turn-over-to-silence (incoming calls, alarms)
- torch (hold down spacebar for a little while)
- in-built compass as well as GPS means more features possible

- keypad edges not too smooth
- quite a plain look
- still looking..

Australia Availability of E72
- Virgin E72 on $49 cap
- Optus E72 on $69 cap
- Three E72 $10 per month on $29 cap
- Vodafone E72 $10 per month on $49 cap
- Telstra E72 not available

Have you noticed anything else? What would you would like to know about the E72?

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