Monday, October 5, 2009

Nokia E63s behaving badly.. is this your problem?

For the last few months, you will all know my experiences with the Nokia E63 and how generally, I am very happy with the phone. However, we want to look today at a problem my mother has with her Nokia E63. At first, I put it down to her inexperience with phones but tonight I realised that she is not as delusional as I initially thought. 

Here are the problems, see if you came to this blog searching for a solution to the following "symptoms" of this particular batch of Nokia E63s.

1. The Phone would automatically hang up, sometimes upto 4 times in the day.
2. The date on the phone would suddenly reset to another date (this I found hard to believe until I saw it myself)
3. The alarm on the clock wouldn’t work (when snooze is pressed, the phone would just go off & not come on again)

Did a quick google search and found there was at least one other person in the world with the same problem! We tried to have the new firmware installed by the THREE representative in Perth but that did not fix the problem. What next??

If you are Nokia representative, please let us know what is going on and how we can get the phone fixed.


  1. And just another semi-related question. At exactly 10.43 pm every night, my e63 makes one beep, and the phone lights up. Every night. Any one know why that might be?. There is nothing in the calender at all.


    gloonk (n-gage)

  2. Regarding the phone hanging up. My E63 would do the same also, I have made the following:

    - Switch the shortcut to Menu, from the left key to the right one, and the Camera to the left key.

    I noticed that most of the hang ups came from me leaving an application and pressing the menu key imediatelly. Now I have the phone on for at least 3 weeks with not a single glitch.

    Regarding the other 2 issues you report, I haven't experienced neither myself. But the second one is totally weird!

  3. I can't send any more text messages because my phone says, Memory full. Close some applications & try again, but there are none! :( I also freed up memory already. Darnit.

  4. Loaded on AVI maps 3.0 update and it will not let me even open avi maps anymore...keeps flickering....said bugger this and us google maps!
    Any solutions?

    Also set the time to GPS towers due to travelling interstate, but it does not update time?

  5. @Andalusia

    I'm not sure, but it may have something to do with the message centre set up on your phone. Have that verified by 3 reps, or try re=entering it and see if that works.

  6. Edit:

    @Andalusia, sorry, I mean, have that verified by whoever your provider is. I automatically assumed you were with 3. lol.

  7. This is another problem that I've encountered.

    Having problem creating an entry to my calander using "meeting". Others (To do, anniversary, etc) have been fine.

    Everytime i tried to insert a metting schedule, it says system error and it closes the calander application.

    Anyone has this problem? How to fix it?

  8. hanging problem...its comman i feel...
    some times switch off takes time upto 10 mints...

  9. yeah i also have the problem where, I press the button to answer the phone and it still continues to ring for another 2 seconds or so and then it registers.

    also as mentioned before, great delays opening up the phone book.


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