Thursday, January 26, 2012

E63 vs E72 on Word Correction and IMAP

One of our fellow E63 users left a comment that I thought was worth highlighting. It is regarding the word auto correction which exists in both the E63 and the E72 but operates "better" on the E63. This is what obakesan had to say -

A point re: auto correct and capitalisation of text. When writing on the E63 there are significant advantages and advanced features in comparison to the E72. I write this as an E63 user coming to the E72 and being agape at the oversight.

1) try writing annoyingly: on the E63 you enter a n n o then you press right navigation to accept the word annoying l y can now be added and you can press space. Should you do this on the E72 pressing right navigation accepts the word and then ly is added to your custom dictionary as a word.


2) I is not capitalised in the sentence when it stands along. John and i went to the shops.

BWAA fail (on two counts). i should be I and now "shops." appears as a new word in your custom dictionary. The E72 just loves to add words into your custom dictionary (such as anything you write with a . or a , after it ... what a joke)

Why did they mung up predictive text on the E72 when a perfectly good system existed on the E63?

IMAP idle ... well written about just google it. The bloody thing disconnects every 5 minutes. Meaning that you can't leave your phone on to reliably be notified as you can on the E63. Pathetic. The equally pathetic responce from Nokia does not hold water. Their arguments revolve around:
1) power use
2) data use

Power use: I have personally verified that more power is NOT consumed (as Nokia claim) both in practice and with the support of some evidence (here )

Data use is NOT affected in this because 1) Nokia has a connection manager which keeps the connection open (unlike Android or iPhone). This means for those billed in MB or 100MB increments (as many phone providers do) you are not billed for a MB every 5 minutes (as you would with timed POP and reconnecting your IMAP by schedule) but are instead billed over how much data your phone uses DURING THE CONNECTION. My phone typically uses about 30K for leaving the phone connected to my 2 mail accounts on 3G (or even GPRS) on IMAP idle for about 3 hours.

So, now I have an E72 in perfect condition for sale (and an E63 that I keep using)

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