Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's the worst bug in the Nokia E63?

I have had the Nokia E63 for quite a long time now and in that time I seem to have heard more bugs with the Nokia E71 than I have about the E63. For example, people have complained that the vibration on the E71 sometimes works intermittently. Also, some people have said the battery would not charge. Some calls would drop out completely with the E71 without warning. So have you had any strange behaviour coming from your Nokia E63?


  1. Hi,
    i am an E63 user for past 9 months. I am experiencing the problem of battery backup for hardly one and half days. the first cell in the battery level will drop soon after making 3 or 4 10 minute calls. the rest will there itselves for the day. whereas my friend's E71 will be having the full charge for the day long.
    Also i updated my firmware yesterday. After updating i've noticed that my quick office is not working. When i clicked on the icon, it just showed up and closed automatically.

  2. i would take it to the nokia care centre

  3. I have 6 months using Nokia E63 the is too weak and i delete my email from my phone then after 2 week when i tried to add it, it does not connect at allI have 6 months using Nokia E63 the is too weak and i delete my email from my phone then after 2 week when i tried to add it, it does not connect at all

  4. Hello, My Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 smart phone broke which is okay, I was getting tired of the touch screen and this Nokia E63 is the phone I wanted as a replacement looks well set up and haven't heard much of any problems with it. Is there any tips for longer battery life or to speed up the phone? I see the recommended programs to the right ----------------------->
    is there any other list that might be more up to date?

  5. I've had my Ruby Red E63 for about a year, and although I KNOW it doesn't have GPS, my Google Maps app works like a dream and pinpoints my location (German SIM). I'm very satisfied with it. I use it as an MP3 player as well and I'm amazed the battery is still holding out, although of course charges don't last as long anymore.

    I love that you can program what you want to see on the home screen: I have Internet, Bluetooth (also shortcut for bluetooth is * long press), Active Notes, Data Manager, Player, Clock.

    To set your shortcuts, go to Menu - Tools - Settings - General - Personalisation - Home Screen - Mode Settings - Home Screen Applications. "Enabled Applications" are the notifications below the shortcuts, "Application Shortcuts" are the apps you can put shortcuts to on your home screen. Super practical. Play around with it a little and see what you use the most. The process is a little complicated but it simplifies your use of the phone in the long run.

    I definitely recommend investing in 2 or 3 stickers for the screen to keep it from getting all scratched up.

  6. I have a blue E63 (made in finland) for an year and a half.For solving the Office quick clisong fast press the left selection after opening it and register ;)
    Worst(most annoying) bug is when opening menu and there is an application running in background it is kinda slow and selection returns at default position after less tahn a second.I have 150 hours on it and battery lasts even 6 days ;) (minimal use)

  7. Using my E63 for more than 18 months now, no major problem. At times I get 'Memory Full', but dont know what causes it. But reboot solves the problem. But someone has said Google map location works with me as well.

  8. Hi, I'm E63 user.
    i have problem with my Music player.
    why my Music player can't Refreshing ?
    Please help me to solve this problem .

  9. saving your predictive typing words and you cant delete or get read of em unless you access to c:/predic and delete the files in that folder or renaming the .bat to .old to reset to factory setting . If your not a expert or geek you want be able to fix it . I had this problem for a year and when i typed in predictive mode i used to get all sort of words instead of the words i wanted . I think this feature needs a simpler solution.

  10. There is a free app called "Custom Dictionary" which does exactly what you want. Once in a while I look through my custom dictionary on my E63 and delete all those unwanted collected words. Works perfectly.

  11. I Have Black Nokia E63-1 ... I loves this smartphone much.. When i bought this 8 months before.. I had 3 options ..
    1) E5
    I gone for e63...
    There r bugs in this phone.. But very useful one with plenty apps.. Even 3g is 384kbps.. Im satisfoed as in kerala,.. We dont get much speed even with a 3g dongle..max a speed of 50KBs which im getting here for download....

  12. The best things to make this phone faster is ....
    1) dont use unwanted apps like ''nokia email'' which consumes more ram...
    2) dont use antivirus..(most r useless)..consumes ram a lot..
    3)keep phone memory rich.. Install apps only on memory card..
    Note this is dangerous tip
    IM:u can over clock ur processor speed from 360 to 500 mhz.. By hacking and editing protected files...
    U will get this by googling

  13. hi.. I m using e63 since last 3 yrs... It ws working well ..but for d past few days
    ..its gettng slow at times... So slow tht it bcums difficult to evn open the message box or intrnet... Can anyone help me out wd ds??


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