Sunday, December 12, 2010

If you're signing up for E63 in Australia

I have noticed that the price of the Nokia E63 has not really moved in the last 12 months. I bought it around 18 months ago on a $29 cap plan on Three which was only a contract for 12 months. This enabled me to recontract with three six months ago to get a Nokia E72 on the same $29 cap plan but this time for 24 months.

If you are looking at getting a Nokia E63, Vodafone is one of your best options. And one thing... DON'T go for the 24 month plan!! You have to be crazy to commit yourself for 2 years with a Nokia E63 when you can get the same phone for the same cap plan with a contract half the length (12 months). The only thing you miss out on is the $50 online credit. In 12 months time, you can get a brand new phone.

Full details of this plan are here:

Cap Inclusion
Calling National rates International rates
SMS 28c each (up to 160 characters) 28c each (up to 160 characters)
MMS (Video) 75c each 75c each
MMS (text, pic, audio) 50c each 75c each
Voice calls 90c per minute + 35c flagfall See International Call Rates
Video calls $1.35 per minute + 35c flagfall 1.5 x international call rate + 35c flagfall
Other calling Rates
13, 15 & 1800 numbers 13 & 18 numbers: standard call rates apply
15 numbers: dependant on service you are calling
Customer Care (1555) FREE OF CHARGE
Voicemail retrieval 90c per minute + 35c flagfall
Re-routed calls $1.20 per minute + 35c flagfall
Directory Assist (1233) $2.60 a call (+ standard call rates if you're THRU-connected)
Other services I can enjoy
National Roaming See National Roaming Rates
Voicemail deposit FREE OF CHARGE
Vodafone live! browsing Free, only pay for what you download

Services not included in Cap

Premium TXT: Rates dependant on service
International roaming: as per standard Vodafone International roaming rates with both options available on all plans; Vodafone Traveller (default) and Vodafone World
Voda live! STK and Content Downloads: as per standard rates
International roaming: See International Roaming information
Mobile Internet Data Inclusions per month (on Vodafone): 200MB with minimum session of 12KB
Additional Data charge per MB (on Vodafone): 50c per MB with minimum session of 12KB

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