Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nokia E63 on Three

Just got a free Nokia E63 on Australia's Three network $29 cap over 12 months.

The Three $29 cap gives you:
$150 of calls and sms
$160 (200 minutes) calls to 3 customers

Call rates are:
40c / 30sec + 35c flagfall
25c SMS
45c International SMS

Reviews of the Nokia E63 and how to get $64 cashback on this plan can be found at the MyE65 website here.


  1. i just got the same fone on a 19$ cap. pure genious. its brilliant. just trying to figure out if im accidentally spendng alot on rndom shit..

  2. Yo... On Friday I picked up my first ever 'Blackberry-esk' phone... The E63.

    My 'three' deal (wait for it) is...

    - Free E63
    - Unlimited Text Messaging
    - Unlimited 3-3 Calls
    - Unlimited Internet & Emails
    - 200 Minutes
    - 18mth Contract
    - £18/month (UK)

    So pleased I stumbled across this website, I'll be here frequently to make sure I'm getting the most out of my phone.

    Issues so far have been..

    I couldn't set E-mail to 'Automatically Retrieve' then through persistance, it let me - Bizzarre.

    I can't find a way to light up the screen so I can see the screensver/powersaver clock.

    FaceBook connects automatically throuig '3' whereas upon starting the MSN app, it asks me... twice... which connection to use.

    Only minor complaints though cos three days in to my 'new deal' and I'm loving the E63.

    Oh, finally. BBC iPlayer would be good.


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